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  • Sutter Creek Sanitarium, Sutter Creek, California

    An immigrant from Missouri Philip Goodman set up shot as a doctor-surgeon in Sutter Creek. He operated his Sanitarium from 1895 to his death in 1927. Here you see the Sutter Creek Sanitarium which is a two-story building on Main Street. The top floor was the hospital and the ground floor combined offices, a laboratory and surgery.

    He was also known to be a frequent visitor in the towns saloons and enjoyed firing off his six-shooter during his visits.

    Excerpt Ledger Dispatch - Dec, 24, 1909
    We call attention to the advertisement of Dr. Goodman's sanitarium which appears in this issue. This institution is getting well deserved reputation, and its popularity is very rapidly increasing. These foothills are ideal as regards climate and surroundings for a sanitarium. Dr. Goodman gives the institution the utmost care, and has trained nurses to assist in caring for his patients. The terms are very reasonable. It is a pleasure to be able to state that the doctor is making a success in the establishment of this hospital.

    Excerpt Ledger Dispatch - Feb 1, 1907
    Drs. L. E. Phillips of Jackson and P. S. Goodman of Sutter Creek, have perfected arrangements, after several months of quiet but effective work, the establishment at a local hospital, for the treatment of injuries and non-contagious diseases. They have leased the Fulleu residence, near Martell station, a very desirable location for such a purpose. This will be specially fitted up to accommodate from 15 to 20 patients, and will have trained nurses in charge. The place will be thoroughly overhauled inside and out, and made attractive in every way. It is to be called "The Sierra Hospital and Sanitarium." Any miner by paying $1 per month will be entitled to treatment without any extra charge, except 5 per week for board while an inmate therein. Others will be admitted on equally liberal terms. The idea is to provide a place in this county where surgical and other cases can be treated as advantageously as in the larger cities, which will obviate the necessity of going outside for treatment. The climate here cannot be excelled for sanitarium purposes, and in the course of time, when the advantages become generally known, the institution will attract patients from beyond the county borders, who will come for climatic and scenic reasons, as well as economical medical treatment and nursing. The sanitarium fills a long felt want, and should meet with every encouragement from the people of Amador generally.

    This site was closed after 1 year of successful operation, due to Dr. L.E. Philips taking a position as Head Physician at the Sanitarium in Paso Robles

    Excerpt Ledger Dispatch - Feb 1, 1907
    Mr and Mrs A. O. Miner went to Martell station last Thursday, to see thelr little niece, Leola Luttrell, who is sick at the sanitarium.

    Medical Offices, Surgery and Hospital of Dr. Philip Sheridan Goodman. (1867 1927).
    Office and surgery on ground floor, hospital upstairs.
    Miraculous and unconventional, a true Sutter Creek Character.

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