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Kennedy and North Star Mine Model Exhibits, Jackson, Amador County

The third model in the exhibit is the Kennedy Mine Tailing Wheel #2.

Mining wastes began to fill waterways and inhibited navigation and increased flooding of the farm lands. To reduce this problem, the Kennedy mine selected a site for storing their waste. The site is called and impoundment basin, or pond. To move its waste to the impoundment site, the mine built wheels that lifted the liquefied waste over hills into Indian Gulch basin.

The four wheels were connected to each other by long flumes. The tailings were mixed with water and send down each flume starting at wheel #1, then moved to wheel #2, flowing to wheel #3, and finally to the last wheel, #4. At wheel #4, they were carried by one last flume that went up and over the hill and into the impoundment basin behind a concrete dam 455 feet wide and 43.8 feet high.

Pictured here one of two wheels standing (Wheel #4)

There are also many mining artifacts near the exhibit and the Museum grounds.

Here is one of many stamp mills utilized throughout the Mother Lode.

Sluice Boxes

The Amador County Historical Society is in the process of gaining control of the Amador County Museum and its ground, so that it may once again be open to the public.

For more information, contact the the Historical Society or visit the office at 148 Main Street in Jackson.

(209) 257-1485

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