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Preston Castle, Ione, California - Amador County

This photo is the front of the right wing

The Castle has seen its share of death. Seventeen boys lost their lives in the hospital to diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid fever. Sam Goins was shot in the back by a prison guard in 1922 during his third escape attempt. He was only 20. Starvation, isolation, and public paddling and lashings, severe strategies were common at Preston.

In 1950, Anna Corbin, a former head housekeeper, was found locked in a store room off the executive kitchen bludgeoned to death. One of the castle’s black children, Eugene Monroe was tried twice for this crime, but the jury was hung each time. To this day, no one has been convicted for her murder.

This is the front of the castle, center to left wing

The left wing, blocked off from the second floor on up

The playroom was located in the basement of this wing, with the pharmacy located on the first floor

The Preston Castle is currently owned by the State of California . The Preston Castle Foundation has a 55-year lease of the castle from the state. The Preston Castle Foundation is working to transfer ownership of the castle to the city of Ione to allow for local, community management of the facility.

Preston Inside Tour


Color Photos courtesy of Anne Stevens