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Thomas Conlon

Thomas Conlon came to Jackson in the 1850's and soon filled the office of county clerk. He also served as the deputy county assessor, deputy sheriff, and operated a successful insurance and notary-public business in Jackson.

Married Miss Ella Leonard in 1895, and had a daughter Anna Conlon.

Excerpt Ledger Dispatch - November 20, 1903

Thomas Conlon, one of the early settlers of the county, passed to his long rest on Mouday evening. His struggle with disease, and the consequent decay of the vital forces, had been a long and painful one. For the past two, or three years he had been a helpless invalid, and the last few months were spent in bed. He peacefully and painlessly surrendered to the inevitable shortly before midnight last Monday.

Deceased has been a prominent resident of Jackson for the last forty-five years. He was born In county Clare, Ireland, on July 12, 1836. In 1852 he lef this native land, and emigrated to the United States. After several years in the eastern states, he took passage on a steamer bound for San Francisco, and after reaching that port lost no time in proceeding to Mokelumne Hill to try his fortune at placer mining. He afterward moved to Butte City and Scottsville, in this county, following raining at each place. At Scottsville he unearthed a gold nugget of large size, which he kept as a memento for a time, until it was stolen from him. At length he came to Jackson to accept a position of trust in the court house.

He served as clerk of court and deputy assessor for eight years, and was deputy sheriff for a like period. He was afterward elected county clerk and recorder, and filled that position for four years. He was always prompt and obliging in the discharge of his duty, and tbe breath of suspicion never attached to him in any way in his long period of public service.

In 1895 he was united In marriage to Miss Ella Leonard, who survives him, and also a daughter, Anna C, the issue of their marriage. Since his retirement from the court house, he has been engaged in the insurance business, also a notary public, and up to the time of his death, and for many years prior thereto, was a trustee of Jackson school, and the clerk of the school board. Owing to his increasing disability, he was compelled to withdraw from business, although still nominally holding the offices of trustee and notary. He was a charter member of Jackson Lodge 138, A. O. U. W. In politics he was always a stalwart democrat, but tolerant of those who differed from him. In religion he was attached to the principles of the Catholic church.

The funeral obsequies we're conducted Thursday morning. Services for the dead were held in the Catholic church, the Rev. J. J. Gleeson officiating. The following acted as pallbearers: P. Dwyer, James Meehan, T. K.Norman, L.Poggi, John Flaherty, and Jas. Cook. The public school was closed all day in respect to the memory of one who had filled the office of trustee and clerk for so many years. The arrangement was for the children to attend in a body, but owing to the inclement weather this had to be abandoned.

There was a long procession of mourners, a number from distant parts of the county, who had long known the deceased. The attendance would have been much larger had the weather been less stormy. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery, the deceased being a life long and consistent member of that organization.

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