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Elmer Bartlett

Elmer Hill Bartlett was born in Slabtown on June 26, 1868. he evidently was facinated with the mining that went on around him as a child, for as a man he became a mineralogist. Elmer's father, Simeon Bartlett, was a rancher at Slabtown.

Excerpt Ledger Dispatch - September 4, 1903

Elmer Bartlett, while engaged in digging a well in Newtown Friday morning, suffered a fall of 25 feet down the narrow shaft, and his recovery with but superficial injuries seems - little short of miraculous. Bartlett, upon descending in the well, noticed the air was bad, and feeling its effects ordered the men on the windlass to hoist him to the surface, a distance of about 60 feet. When about half way up he became dizzy from the effects of the gas and fell back down the well, striking on the small of the back acrobat fashion, the blow rendering him unconscious. It was found that his scalp was lacerated in three places and his back badly cut and bruised. He will be fully recovered in a few days.

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