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The Summit Hotel, Sutter Hill, Amador County

A series of postcards that touted Amador County several decades ago included a view of the Summit Hotel and the junction of the Sutter Creek-Jackson and Ridge roads.

The proprietor of the hotel when this photo was taken was "J. Ghiglieri." Among other repasts, the hotel advertised Buffalo lager. Note the water tower on the right. too.

In the distance, left, of course, is the headframe of the Central Eureka mine.

Near the site of the Summit hotel in 1854 the com­missioners of the newly created county of Amador met at Tucker's ranch to set the first county election. The junction, incidentally, has been a principal hub since 1854 when the stages rolled past it from all directions.

The Summit Hotel at Sutter Hill was located at the corner of Old Ridge Road and Sutter Hill Road where the WIC office is today.