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Globe Hotel, Jackson, Amador County

Excerpt Amador Ledger Jan 8, 1904
Mineral is by no means the oniy resource of Amador county. One instance which justifies this statement is a turnip measuring 38 inches in circumference and weighing 17½ pounds, brought to town on Monday of this week by Sam Lessloy, constable at Volcano. The specimen was grown in that vicinity, and is now on exhibition in the office of the Globe hotel.

In 1909, The Globe Hotel showing a new propietor - Mrs. Anne Hurst. These are actual advertisements that ran in the 1900's in the Amador Ledger

Excerpt Amador Ledger Feb 18, 1910
Wednesday morning W. C. Green assumed charge of the Globe hotel as lessee and proprietor. Negotiations had been in progress for two weeks with Mrs Hurst, who owned the funiture and bar fixtures, and Mrs Dwyer who owns the realty. Finally satisfactory terms were arranged as regards the purchase of the interest of Mrs Hurst's, and the terms of rent to be paid Mrs Dwyer, and the new proprietor took possession Wednesday. It is reported that Mrs. Hurst receives 82800 for the furniture, etc. The new proprietor has had experience in hotelkeeping before. About 20 years ago he conducted the Globe hotel, and several years thereafter ran the hotel at Pine Grove, and afterwards Acqueduct. The Globe is a central location, has been a hotel since early times, and has always commanded a good share of the public patronage. We wish the new proprietor abundant success in his present venture.

The Globe Hotel as it is today. The building is over 100 years old, has it always been the Globe Hotel? Click here for the rest of the story, from Larry Cenotto's Logans Alley, vol II.