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Broadway Hotel, Jackson, Amador County

The Broadway Hotel was built in 1904 by Pietro Giurlani and Paolo Marcucci. Located on North Main of Broadway and Marcucci.

Excerpt Amador Ledger - May 18, 1906
Marcucci of the Broadway hotel has constructed a ditch and dam at the south fork ot Jackson creek, for the purpose of conducting the water of that stream, loaded with mining tailings, on to the bog and marshy strip of land in the rear of the hotel property, with the intention of filling this eyesore, as well as to cover up mass of rubbish that has been dumped there in the past years. It is a very desirable improvement.

The Broadway Hotel is over 100 years old. The bar, entrance and stairs, dining room and kitchen were on the main floor in those days. Downstairs was storage. Upstairs, twelve rooms, with two men per room, single beds.

Excerpt Amador Ledger - Feb 19, 1909
Paolo Marcucci, proprietor of the Broadway hotel, has purchased one hundred eucalyptus trees of the blue gum variety. Seventy of these he has planted around bis hotel property, for shade and to break the wind. The other thirty were secured by Jos. Dalo, aud have been set out about his lot in South Jackson. The trees are rapid growers, and in the course of a couple of years will make a nice showing.

Excerpt Amador Ledger - Oct 1, 1909
Wallace Jones was thrown from his horse when near the Broadway hotel on Tuesday evening. He was returning home after driving some cows. Near the hotel he noticed a motor cycle approaching, and fearing his horse, might be frightened he turned out of the way At this moment Eujene Dufrene came up behind in his buggy, and struck the animal that young Jones was riding, causing it to rear up, throwing him off. He escaped without injury, other than a few trifling bruises. The horse fell against the buggy, breaking one of the shafts.

Information, photographs courtesy of the Amador County Archives, and the Chronicling America Database