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Welcome to our museum! It will be unique among American museums, for it is housed in one of California's oldest wineries. When you entered through the front gate, you may have noticed the California Historical Landmark sign recognizing the importance of this establishment in California's early history. Founded in 1856, by the Uhlinger family from Switzerland, the winery was next purchased by the D'Agostini's in 1911. It has been in continuous operation since before the Civil War. Even during Prohibition, the winery continued to make limited amounts of wine for sacramental use; they were also able to sell grapes to home wine makers, who were permitted by law to make small quantities of wine.



Shenandoah Valley

You might be wondering why this area is called Shenandoah Valley. It's a good question, and can probably be best answered by reflecting upon the past when settlers from the east first crossed the Sierras during the Gold Rush. It is throught that prospectors from Virginia coming upon this area in the springtime named this valley after that which they had left behind. The Shenandoah Valley is approximately seven square miles, and lies between the forks of the Consumnes River and Big Indian Creek.



Both the climate and the soil in the valley are important elements when considering the quality if the grapes grown here: grapes high in complex fruit flavors and high in sugar. Warm summer days followed by cool nights and excellent grape growing soil (mostly decomposed granite), result in grapes with unequaled character for full-bodied wines





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