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Jackson, California

Main Street - (Southerly Part of Webb Building)

Thomas Jones purchased this property which was frame stores, and rebuilt the Webb Building in 1854. Those frame stores were named the Minerís House and renamed the Philadelphia House, a combined hotel and bakery.

Main Street - (Thomas Jones Walkway)

Thomas Jones owned this 3 foot walkway as it abutted up to and his building when he built the second story over the livery stable, but, on the southerly side, he chose not to abut any other building or even build to his property line. That way, the family made certain that any owner south would never abut any building to his. Why? The extended Jones-Webb family wanted to make sure they had easement or right of way for the traditional pathway between buildings to facilitate reaching the family ranch, which was located where the current Safeway building is today.

Main Street - Wells Fargo Bank

Long before the Wells Fargo bank you see here, there once was the original "Bank of Amador County", constructed in 1897. Prior the the Bank of Amador County Building, this was the spot of the two-story Union House, which stood from 1854 to 1862.

More on the Bank of Amador County

1 Main - (Historical Building)

Information, photographs courtesy of the Amador County Archives, The Historical Marker Database, The Chronicling America Database, and Larry Cenotto, Amador County's Historian