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The Bottle Shop - Main Street, Jackson

"Brumel & Co., dealers in Havana cigars, tobacco, preserved fruits, liquors, confectionery ... have removed to their new building ... one door north of the Hotel de France." They also had a bar. The ad, dated October 27, suggests the new building, our brick foundation wall and the inlaid cornerstone were placed between March and late Oc­tober, 1854. Brumel's "new" frame store didn't survive long.

Muldoon Saloon

Brumel's "new" frame store didn't survive long. About 4 a.m., April 5,1855, while everybody slept, a fire ignited next door north of Brumel's in Marque's French bakery and burned both ways.

All the buildings were frame and every one of them between today's Placer Savings and the old Soracco's furniture or 33 Main were cindered.

Most likely the brick foundation wall we see today, and the inlaid cornerstone sruvived, to serve in the new store.

In April, 1863, we read of a "large brick owned by Brumel as a bakery and restaurant" being under construction. On Sunday night, August 30, 1863, Brumel opened his second New York saloon and restaurant. In a few more years Muldoon would own them, and today, the Petkoviches. Thus, Logan dates the Bottle Shop from August 30, 1863...

One of last few photos as the Bottle Shop - It is now closed

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Information, photographs courtesy of the Amador County Archives, The Historical Marker Database, The Chronicling America Database, and Larry Cenotto, Amador County's Historian