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Chaw-se Indian Grinding Rock, Amador County

Beyond the grinding rocks and the roundhouse, Chaw'se also features a small scale recreation of a Miwok village near the ancient oaks.

Walk into one of the seven bark houses or U'macha' and imagine sleeping there beneath the stars or during one of California's incessant winter rains. Made of cedar poles woven together with wild grape vines or willow, the frame was covered with cedar bark.

Smoke from cooking or heating fires escaped out a hole in the top. Nearby, a large granary or cha'ka holds its cache of acorns. Often eight feet high or taller, the cha'ka look like large baskets on poles. The Miwok lined them with pine needles and wormwood to keep away insects and rodents. White fir or incense cedar boughs thatch the top to keep out rain and snow.

Great Video on the what you will experience at the Chaw-se Indian Grinding Rock