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This rammed earth adobe, one of a few in California dating from the 1850's, was occupied by the Doctors Yee, then Chew Kee and later Chow Fong You. 19th-century Chinese artifacts and relics are catalogued and preserved here. Open April-October, Sat. 12-4 pm.or by appointment. Call (209) 245-6487, 245-3530, 223-4131 Go inside and check the museum out.

The Chinese Gambling House provided the camps large Chinese population with the various games of chance they were accustomed to play. Other pleasures were also available within the stone walls, as prostitutes were ever ready to comfort the weary miner. Built into the hillside circa 1852, the structures side walls are made of native stone, the front from locally fired brick. An iron door and shutter once protected the building against fire and thieves, its metal roof still protects it against the elements. It is located across the street from the Chew Kee Store

The Forge has stood silent now for many years, staring out onto Main Street with a blank look on its weathered face. Originally constructed during the 1850's as a blacksmith shop, the two-story Forge was made from locally fired brick and provided with an exceptionally tall front door, no doubt to accommodate the large pieces of machinery and the various projects worked on inside..

Old photos of Fiddletown

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