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Ranch and family.

In loving Memories to my Ranch Grandma,  Minerva, and to my Mother,  Verna Tozi

Love You , Cheryl

Grand Children living in Amador County

Cheryl Herndon

Brandon Keeling

Margie Chambers

Kenny Herndon Sr

Olivia Keeling (Deceased)

Jimmy Chambers

Kenny Herndon Jr.

Darian Keeling

Vernon Chambers

Justin Herndon

Tony Tozi Sr.

Ken Chambers

David Keeling

Tony Tozi Jr.

Tommy Chambers (Deceased)

Cindy Fisher

Gena Tozi

Tom Astwood

William Fisher

Sandra Tozi

Vernon Astwood

Bobby Keeling

Sara Tozi (Deceased)

Aliene Astwood

Hope you have enjoyed our Heritage tour

If you are a member of the Denend family and would like to share information ,please get in touch with us at this e-mail address.


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