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Daffodil Hill, Volcano, California

Arthur was the supervisor of his district in Amador County; this with mining, farming and "inn-keeping" kept the family in food, clothing and supplies. They also hauled logs to the lower county to help in the building of the mines and manufactured charcoal for use in nearby gold mine.

Arthur passed away in 1912 and soon thereafter in 1923, the 17 room, 2- story house burned and a small cabin was built for Lizzie. The original bunk house and larder room has been remodeled into living quarter for the present caretakers. Lizzie passed away in 1935.

Following their mother's death, Jessie and Mary decided to plant other daffodils in her memory. Daffodils were planted every year, just a few at a time and soon people began to stop to admire the blooms. As groups of tourists grew, so grew the plantings until the few hundred planted annually, grew to a few thousand. Now every year we plant from 5 to 6 thousand new bulbs both daffodils and tulips.

There are approximately 6 acres in daffodils 300 varieties and 400,000 blooms. The number planted depends upon the donations we receive each year from the tourists there is no admission charge, but we do have old yellow teakettles and pots around that anyone, if they so desire, may place a donation