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Big Bar - Mokelumne River, Amador County

The first ferry, a dugout,was run by a Scotchman, the price of passage being one dollar. That was donated to Dr. Soher, who in turn gave it to John Hasley, who sold it in 1850 to Pope and Burns for fifty dollars.

They bought some lumber and built a small ferry boat. Horses were made to swim by leading them beside the boat. Travel increasing, they began to make money rapidly, seeing which, Dr. Soher thought to buy it back: but the stock had now gone up, the parties asking twelve thousand dollars for it.

The Goodwins, Soher, A. J. Houghtaling, and Kenny bought it, the latter selling his share for $6,000.

The bridge was built in 1853, costing $12,000 - the road on the Amador side $12,000, and the other, $3,000.

Great Video rafting down the Mokelumne from Big Bar to the Middle Bar Bridge