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For 12 years the author wrote a mostly weekly historical column, Logan's Alley for friends Marge and Dan Barnett in their Amador Dispatch. In sum, those nearly 600 columns constituted the most extensive historical writings about Amador County since Thompson and West published their History of Amador County in 1881.

In the fall of 1986 the author sold his interest in the Scenic 88 Fun Times in order to edit and publish his Logan's Alley columns and accomplish other historical writing goals. We are graciously honored to know such a writer, historian, and great friend. We hope that you enjoy some of his writings here.

Larry Cenotto passed away on October 6, 2012. A few words from us to him and his beloved family.
With pen in hand, he continuously echoed the past of Amador County history. His devotion in preserving our county history was beyond measure. It is now up to us to carry on, protecting and preserving the history of our county accurately and with the dedication that he set before us.

We will miss his smile, the hugs, we all experienced, but will never forget for what he gave us and the example to live up to. His friendship and smile shared by many, will live on as he was steadfast in his endeavors from the beginning to the end, we will miss him deeply.

Logan's Corner - Stories by Larry Cenotto


03 Mar 2012, 20:06
Thank you for such a nice comment! yes, we are working hard on providing as much historical information as possible, still being as it looks today! Sometime the information is hard to come by, but we do our best and continue to update our info as we get it. again thanks for the great comment....
03 Mar 2012, 19:01
wow! I have to say this site is has been awesome since its beginning, but lately, the job that you all are doing is unreal. This site needs to be more advertised, as the info here is amazing! makes me wonder just how much time went into this!
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Most of our historical photos are courtesy of Amador County Archives